SOFTWARE TO ReducE the cost of cyber-threats


Owners and operators of cyber-physical systems have increasing risk caused by the threat of cyber-attacks and cyber-physical incidents. This has the potential to disrupt the operations of critical national infrastructure, advanced manufacturing, smart buildings and smart cities. Industrial control systems, including legacy systems, SCADA, Industrial Internet of Things and future Industry 4.0 networks are at risk.
Building control systems, such as internet-connected Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC), networked physical security systems, and general IoT.

the opportunity

Awen Collective provide the opportunity for owners and operators of cyber-physical systems to address their cyber risks in a cost-effective manner through software automation.

Awen Collective provides software which simplifies the whole Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR) lifecycle within cyber-physical systems, leading to more robust cyber-security and a greater level of cyber incident readiness. Our software is specifically developed to ensure that teams can make the most out of their budget through the prioritisation of addressing risk.



Are you ready for the NIS Directive? Get compliant with Profile. For operators of essential services undergoing self-assessment, service providers performing an audit or regulators assessing audits, Profile is a SaaS system which guides your investigation using the Cyber Assessment Framework released by the NCSC.


Discover what’s on your Industrial Control System network with Dot. Dot is a software system which performs Asset & Vulnerability Discovery on Operational Technology, including ICS, SCADA and IIoT systems. Built using safety-critical scanning technology to support modern and legacy networks, using deep packet inspection and exclusive active scanning software to build a full picture of your network.

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DEVELOPING SOFTWARE AND SOLUTIONS TO SOLVE the most complex challenges for Cyber-Security, Digital Forensics and Incident Response on industrial systems, robotics and Internet of Things

Bespoke Software Development

Awen Collective has strong foundations in secure software development. We not only develop our own software tools, we also create bespoke software and custom components related to cyber-security, digital forensics or incident response for our clients.

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The team at Awen Collective have accumulated many years of experience in cyber-security, digital forensics, data science and software engineering. We can provide consultancy on the toughest problems faced in these areas, so you can reach a solution faster.

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Digital Forensics Investigations

We collaborate on cyber-crime investigations on utilities, manufacturers and operators of robotics or internet of things devices. Using our years of experience in cyber-security and digital forensics, we can carefully craft our data extraction and analysis and put together a case report tailored for the investigation.

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We enjoy sharing our experience and expertise, and offer bespoke training in a number of areas:

  • Using our products to solve your needs

  • Cyber-security problems and solutions in Industrial Control Systems

  • Incident Response Planning in Industrial Control Systems

  • Cyber-Security and Incident Response Compliance for Critical Infrastructure, including the NIS Directive

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We have strategic partnerships with organisations in the international defence, utility and public sectors, and key vendors in the ICS and IIOT spaces. We’d love to continue working with industry leaders in these, and the digital forensics and manufacturing sectors. To begin a conversation about how we can mutually work together, email us at


Our growing client and partner base includes:

Raytheon UK | Sopra Steria | Welsh Water | more


We work with a wide variety of sectors and industries, including:

Critical Infrastructure

Traditional Electric, Renewable Electric, Water, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Chemicals, Automated Agriculture, Automated Waste


Discrete Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing, Traditional Automated Factories, Industry 4.0 / Factory-of-the-Future

Investigators & Responders

Incident Response, Emergency Response Teams, Professional Services, Police & Homeland, Military & Intelligence, Aerospace, Defence Contractors, Cyber-Insurance