Asset and Risk Discovery on Operational Technology

A key part of your organisation’s cyber-readiness activities is your incident response planning - and to be best prepared for a cyber-attack or cyber-physical incident, the discovery of your critical assets and risks associated with them is vital. Many tools and methodologies exist for asset and risk discovery on IT networks, but finding the right tool to address your OT systems can be difficult.

Awen Collective has created Dot (Discovery on Operational Techology) to help you, by identifying your ICS networks and devices, and key metadata to deduce their vulnerabilities and their risk to your organisation.

DOT i_o.png


Dot is an Asset Discovery tool specifically built for use on OT (ICS, SCADA and IIOT) systems, supporting both ethernet and serial networks.

It’s built to perform deep packet inspection on ICS-specific protocols such as Modbus, Siemens-S7, Profibus and more, to gather as much data as possible about an ICS network and its devices, including their manufacturer, model, firmware version and network topology.

It does this primarily though passive network scanning (real-time or via packet capture files), without any impact to the live ICS system.

To improve the depth and quality of data collected by Dot, we use optional targeted active scanning technologies, tailored to the protocols and devices present on the network.

Dot captures the maximum amount of data possible about the OT environment without impacting these often safety critical systems.

Dot is able to identify risks to your OT systems, including vulnerable software or firmware, network configuration issues, and unexpected devices or traffic.