Why should we be aware of the NIS Directive?

The Network & Information Systems Directive for Security (NIS Directive) is an EU directive regarding our critical infrastructures in Europe, including:

  • Electricity

  • Water: including treatment and waste

  • Oil & Gas

  • Health

  • Transportation

  • Digital Infrastructures: including cloud storage, online market places and search engines

It not only impacts providers and operators of these services and infrastructures, but the whole of European society. It came into law in all EU countries in May 2018, and sets out particular requirements regarding:

  • Managing security risk

  • Protecting against cyber attacks

  • Detecting cyber security events

  • Minimising the impact of cyber incidents

This includes policy requirements for the Information Technology (IT) systems of critical infrastructure providers and operators of essential services (OES), and also the Operations Technology (OT) systems including industrial control systems such as SCADA and IIoT.

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Announcing Profile by Awen Collective, an innovative compliance checking & maintenance system for critical infrastructure providers and operators of essential services. Profile enables these organisations to check their compliance against guidelines for the NIS Directive in the European Union, and the Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF) in the United Kingdom.

Profile does not simply check compliance, it is a security policy health check system offering potential treatments to remedy bad compliance scores. It can also provide nudges to relevant operators to ensure that there is continuous improvement of security & safety standards.

Out-of-the-box Profile is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, running on a secure cloud server and available with annual per-user-per-year licences. It is built entirely as security-by-design and privacy-by-design software, and is recognised by the public and private sectors, you can therefore be assured that organisational data has the highest standard of security and privacy. It does not need to be integrated into any existing network, and can be used independently.

Awen Collective believes in providing good quality and good value software. We therefore provide a service to create bespoke components and integrations for Profile, for example allowing custom questions or integrations into existing policy systems.

Profile enables reports to be built, in static or dynamic forms, which can be provided to the relevant competent authorities (CAs) when they perform their investigations.

Profile can be used directly by critical infrastructure providers or operators of essential services. It can also be used by service providers, systems integrators or consultancy firms that provide compliance & auditing services.

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