Awen Website 2.0

Welcome to our new-look website! This exciting redesign comes hot on the heels of a rapid period of growth for Awen, bringing four new employees into the Collective, who have all hit the ground running and are busy developing the next generation of digital forensics tools.

We’ve recently been working alongside the best in the industry within the defense and water sectors - including hosting a cyber security event bringing together cyber-experts from the public and private sectors to discuss the challenges faced by the water industry. We’ll be hosting further events for other sectors in the coming months, including energy, oil and gas, and transport. If you’d like to be informed of our upcoming events, please be sure to join our mailing list at the bottom of the page.

Today we are also delighted to be featured as an ESTnet Member of the Month of November 2018. We continue to be recognised by industry specialists on the international stage, and welcome the excellent opportunities open to us through our network.

We’re very excited for the future of Awen Collective - if you’d like to join us, be that as a client, partner, investor or future employee, feel free to reach out at, we’d love to hear from you.