Awen Collective is a new and exciting business, and as such we have a few positions open for experienced people willing to ride the ups-and-downs of a startup.

What we expect from all our staff

  • Strong problem solving skills, with a pinch of inventiveness
  • Great working in a team. We are a collective after all!
  • Good moral and ethical compass
  • Willing and able to be discrete, and happy to go through security checks to at least BPSS level
  • Be a fluent English Speaker, extra points for being a Welsh speaker too
  • Willing to travel from time to time to do requirements capture or promote the work of Awen Collective

Our commitment

Awen Collective is committed to the support and development of those within the collective. As such we have taken an oath to:

  • pay our workers at a rate greater than the living wage, and whenever possible greater than the average salary,
  • actually employ/contract workers rather than outsource, and avoid zero-hours contracts,
  • be egalitarian in our business, in addition to giving equal opportunities to all - supporting minorities, supporting those with disabilities and supporting those who are ex-military or ex-police
  • pay our taxes fairly, and never cheat the system
  • actively promote membership of unions and professional bodies, and give appropriate rights and voices to our workers
  • provide training opportunities, and invest in our workers

Available Positions

We have recently grown, and we are not currently looking for people. However, if you think you would be awesome for us then send over your CV to:

We're not seeking to work with recruitment agencies at this stage.