Summer Exhibitions 2018

May and June 2018 has been a busy period for Awen Collective. The development team have been working hard to get our first product production ready (as we will be releasing it later this year). We are beginning to work more closely with our partners, and have begun to interview potential problem solvers in order to grow our team at Awen Collective.

The topic for this blog post, however, is to tell you that we have exhibited at 3 different exhibitions, all in different countries:

  • Digital Festival, May 2018, Cardiff, Wales
  • InfoSec Exhibition, June 2018, London, England
  • Automatica Exhibition, June 2018, Munich, Germany

Digital Festival 2018 in Cardiff (Wales)

Daniel Lewis (Awen Collective) on the ShowcaseStage at Digital Festival 2018 (Cardiff)Digital Festival brings together people from technology companies across Wales, the UK and internationally to talk about the latest and greatest advancements. It really showed off how great Wales is for advances in high technology.

Awen Collective exhibited at Digital Festival alongside the other companies that went through the first cohort of the IoT Accelerator in Wales. Interest in our company came from a good number of people, from a variety of backgrounds.

Our CEO, Daniel Lewis, also spoke at Digital Festival 2018 three times:

  • Panel: The Cyber-security apocalypse? - alongside the representatives from Cisco, the MoD and IP Wales.
  • IoTAWales Pitches on the Showcase Stage: Awen Collective
  • Round-table: The future of energy - alongside representatives from PA Consulting and a Welsh Energy Co-op.

InfoSec Exhibtion 2018 in London (England)

InfoSec 2018 - Cybersecurity in Critical National Infrastructure SymposiumInfoSec is very well known in the cyber-security industry, and it was an honour to be invited by Welsh Government to share their exhibition stand alongside other organisations in the CyberWales ecosystem. InfoSec is primarily a business/organisation focused cyber-security exhibition, probably the largest of its kind in Europe. Exhibitors are mostly related to cyber-security, privacy (including GDPR), incident response or defence. Attendees are very varied as it is free-entry for those who book in advance. We had some interest from people coming up to the Welsh booth, although it was good to see how things are developing in the information security world from other exhibitors.

InfoSec was also home to the Cybersecurity for Critical National Infrastructure Symposium, which is clearly relevant to our work at Awen Collective. We heard enlightening talks from NATO (Jamie Shea), from security & safety service providers, from cyber-security software providers and from critical infrastructure operators. The symposium was hosted by our friends at techUK.

Automatica Exhibition 2018 in Munich (Germany)

Automatica 2018 - Awen Collective Exhibition BoothAutomatica is probably the largest exhibition that any of us at Awen Collective have been to (certainly larger than RSA Conference in San Francisco). 6 large halls in the east of Munich filled with companies related to robotics, control and automation. Awen Collective won a competition to exhibit at Automatica as part of the Startup Zone (sponsored by Mobile World Capital/4YFN and supported by RobotUnion).

For many people visiting our stand the cyber-security implications of "Industry 4.0" was not something that they had considered, although every visitor actually acknowledged its need. We received significant interest from those organisations which have a clear and specific safety-critical element to their business (either owners of safety-critical systems, or making equipment for safety-critical systems), as they understand that the cyber-threat from enhancing connectivity is a necessary risk to address as part of safety-critical systems.

We believe that it was incredibly important for us to attend Automatica. Evangelising the need for thinking about cyber-security in robotics, control and automation. In return we received some new contacts, with whom we shall be exploring collaborative possibilities to solve problems.

To Conclude

Attending and exhibiting at exhibitions and other events is critical for Awen Collective. We not only want to spread the word about the solutions that we can offer, but we want to understand about the landscape of problems and solutions, creating collaborations along the way to solve the currently unsolved.

We always hope that you like what you see on this website, and so if you would like to collaborate in the world of digital forensics or incident response in industrial systems (or other robotics/control/automation systems) then do not hesitate to contact us. We love to take on a challenge, and think of innovative new approaches to existing problems!

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